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​Spiritual Assessment Reading

In this reading, your mediumship potential will be assessed and blocks will be identified. Your surrounding energies will also be identified so the sitter has a clear understanding of their gifts going forward so they can begin to co create the life which is in the highest alignment with self. 45 minutes.


 AURAGRAPH Reading  

An Auragraph combines Mediumship and craft to create a visual piece of art which represents messages from Spirit. This service includes both a 55 minute reading and a watercolor to take home. Auragraph Readings can be done in person and via Zoom.


Oracle Card Reading

$100 One Hour

$60 Half hour

Quantum healing hypnosis technique - qhht

Based on the revolutionary work of Dolores Cannon, I now offer the  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. this past life regression technique helps us identify the blocks which we have carried over from past lifetimes to our present through hypnosis. Sessions run from four to five hours in length.