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Living Sacred Soul Oracle Deck

Available Summer of 2022.

Price $36 plus tax and shipping

Who am I to teach on the concept of what is this world we live in and who are we really? I have asked myself these questions numerous times in the last few years and the only answer I received was, Who am I not? We are all divine creatures of the light. We are incarnations direct from Source. It is our inability to connect to our own source of divinity that keeps us locked in circular patterns, limiting us to be able to reach our divine potential.

The purpose of this deck is to help you to start to push your perception of our physical reality. An expansion of sorts. One which will introduce you to a concept that your subconscious can grab on to. Think of it as planting a seed, and as you follow your path the seed will grow and blossom into understanding. In essence, when you are ready, you will see this concept unfold before you with an increased understanding of what it really means.

The process of enlightenment is usually represented as a spiral. It is not a direct path, but rather a continual circular motion which brings us back to concepts we believed we once understood with a new light shed upon them. This new light allows us to look at the same concepts with increased depth, awareness, and understanding. Think for example, the only time you have seen a Zebra was through a picture. How different would a Zebra seem once you went to a zoo and were able to witness the animal through your all your senses? Instead of just seeing a shape and a color pattern, you would be able to witness how the Zebra acted, the noises it made, and how it smelled. Maybe, you could even touch the Zebra and feel it’s coat.

I give this example as it is a good analogy of how many of us are currently living in a two-dimensional reality. Modern life has shaped many of our interactions through a smart device where we rely on just our sight and sound as guides as we surf the channels of preselected programming. This deck is designed to begin to make you aware of your innate levels of intuition which lie dormant inside of you. It will allow you to begin to experience the life before you without filters. Your perception will be deepened in a way that will hopefully lead you to profound understanding. Remember, there is much more to this physical world than what we can just perceive with our eyes. Get ready to experience life in 5d instead of the two-dimensional reality you have become accustomed to.

We have been conditioned in this Western culture to look for divine guidance and source outward from us and not inward. As a child, I can recall staring at the church windows of Jesus Christ looking for a connection, a feeling of love and not finding it. The connection with Source, Spirit, Consciousness, God or the Universe, however you would like to define it actually lies within you. The Source which created us still resides within us and I believe we call it our soul.

It is my hope, this deck, will lead you back to your source center, your soul. Allowing you to reconnect to the truth, that you are a living sacred soul.