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Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Owner

Hello and thanks for visiting. I have owned LSCo  since 2012, starting out aLansing Soap Company, selling homemade soaps at various area flea markets and craft shows. In 2014, I completed a 600 hour massage therapy course and starting taking clients out of my home at 99 North 4th Street. In 2016, I built the day spa located at 80 North 4th Street and graduated from a 300 hour nail tech program. in 2018 I purchased and renovated the dharma house at 61 north 4th street. 

So much has changed in this work, especially since the pandemic. for the past several years, I have had this crazy idea  to build a facility where people can escape the madness around us and reconnect....not only with themselves and their friends or family....but on a deeper level .....with themselves.....with their soul.....with who they really are. i believe whole heartedly that each of us came here for a divine purpose and plan. 

i have studied different bodywork modalities both eastern and western. i am a reiki master and teacher, yoga instructor, and for the past three years, i have been taking psychic development courses. in 2020, i attended the Arthur findlay college in england which gave me the insight to finally merge advanced bodywork and energy work together. i have traveled extensively in china and india, as i am a terrible student and often need to experience ideas from the source instead of learning about it in a book. i have done tai chi with the taoists and meditated in caves in the Himalayas. I have searched for knowledge all over the globe only to find that everything we need is right inside of us......and if our hearts are open to it......we can connect with the part of ourselves that many of us spend a lifetime looking for externally.

for 2021, i plan to work with small groups in an immersive retreat setting as well continuing to take appointments through my practice. in addition to the advanced bodywork and energy work, i now offer psychic readings and past life regression hypnotherapy - the QHHT method, and Yoga classes. I split my time in the summer between my own practice and working as a psychic reader at the Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp in Wonewoc, Wisconsin.  If you are thinking of booking a retreat, please contact me directly so we can design one that is personalized to your group or individual needs.

Sat Nam